Our Priorites

1. Support For Rape Victims

One of the greatest battle fought in homes and countries world wide is rape whether that of a woman or a man, and alarmingly not much is done to curtail the menace but here at Unpredictable Care Foundation we provide counseling, support and other resources to assist victims of rape.

2. Support For Homeless People

There has been an up-rise of homeless victims in our society today due to either the pandemic, natural disaster et-al and these people need home support services to help shelter them, that’s why at Unpredictable Care Foundation link homeless people to Home support services. We also provide guidance and resource information for the homeless.

3. Support For Domestic Violence Victims

We provide counseling, support and other resources to assist victims of domestic violence.

4. Support For Troubled Teens

Due to many issues across the country, such as police brutality, rape, assault, peer pressure and the list goes on.. At unpredictable Care Foundation. we provide Counseling, Support and other resources to assist teens & family’s of troubled teens.

In Unpredictable times we need Unpredictable easy to access support that would help salvage any situation and that’s exactly what we at Unpredictable Care Foundation stand for. We have over the years been able to provide support for both families, individuals and communities in the best way we can. We re also using this platform to seek for support from individuals and groups.

When People get old they sometimes loose touch with society, sometimes going into depression and sometimes not been able to enjoy their old age, but how about when they have warmth and love around them then they tend to live better, healthier and lovely lives. With Unpredictable Care Foundation we ensure to provide Quality Elderly Care Support services. Helping the elderly live a fulfilled life.

Counseling is one of the quickest ways anyone can heal. Whether you’re a victim of drug abuse, assault, rape or what ever the case may be, when you have professionals who help and support you during your healing process you tend to heal fast and that’s 0ne of the services Unpredictable Care Foundation provides her members. We have a group of professional counselors who are ever ready to help any individual or family overcome whatever challenge they might be facing.

After every disaster or healing process some persons or families don’t know what next to do with their lives, sometimes finding it difficult to feed or make end means but with the people empowerment programs @ Unpredictable Care Foundation we empower our members with skills that can help them fit into the society with ease.

Unpredictable-CF Resources

Our Foundation was created to Give a helping hand to families that lost their loved ones to Tragic Deaths, the Homeless, Domestic Violence Victims & Troubled Teens, reminding them of their purpose for life by giving them inspiration and hope for brighter days ahead.”
*The National Alliance to End Homelessness: is a nonpartisan organization that places a strong emphasis on data in the region”. 
*”Funders Together to End Homelessness: is a collaborative network of funders that promote philanthropic solutions that are strategic and impactful”.
*”The Raikes Foundation: is dedicated to creating a more sustainable world, with an emphasis on youth and impact philanthropy”.
*”The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans: is a non-profit organization whose mission is to influence public policy and inspire service providers to collaborate”.
 * “The Urban Institute: is a non-profit research organization that uses data to help governments and communities make better decisions”.
*”Voices of Youth Count: is a nationwide project that seeks to fill in the awareness gaps when it comes to youth issues”
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Our Support and Outreach Programs cover several areas such as, Food Supply during crisis, connect homes for homeless people, health support systems, troubled teens support and advisory on how to live a fulfilled life everyday as it counts.